About Us

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inTerract Consulting is a leadership consulting firm that offers comprehensive services to develop leaders, empower their teams, and create cultures where those leaders can be most successful.  Our company was born of business minds, people with experience in engineering, IT, management consulting, marketing, and other hard disciplines.  Our Associates demonstrate that business acumen does not have to be mutually exclusive to soft skills – influencing, motivating, managing, and leading.

Our approach:

We are Strategists:  We recognize the immense power that leadership and human capital have as business drivers.  Our solutions are customized to support an organization’s long-term goals and initiatives.

We are Facilitators:  We believe that hoarding information is never in anyone’s best interest.  We partner with our clients to provide them the knowledge and confidence to independently reapply and reuse tools and processes to continue making successful change in their organizations.

We are Realists:  We produce practical organizational and leadership solutions that are crafted to work in the real world, not just the ivory towers of academia.

We are Integrators:  We know that our solutions do not stand-alone.  To be successful they must easily integrate and align with our clients’ existing programs, processes, and plans.

We are Believers:  We believe that every person has unique strengths that, when unleashed, can contribute greatly to the world around them, and that the most successful organizations respect and value these contributions – even in times of crisis.